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Dr. Peter Kohler - No Stranger to Success

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Dr. Peter Kohler, the president & CEO of OurPharma, is no stranger to success. As President of Oregon Health & Sciences University for 18 years, he expanded the capabilities of delivering healthcare through an academic health center and his ensuing accomplishments were captured in the book, Transformed, by William Graves.

The latest endeavor for Dr. Kohler is at the helm of a new drug manufacturer, founded alongside his family. OurPharma is a FDA-registered 503B outsourcing facility based in Fayetteville, AR designed to combat critical sterile drug shortages throughout the United States. This is a personal and professional mission for Dr. Kohler, who would like for OurPharma to be a go-to supplier for critical needs. When asked how he intends to position the company as a leader in addressing these shortages, he states, “our first mission is to be seen as a manufacturer that is responsive to the needs of healthcare organizations and more importantly, patients across the country.”

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