OurPharma is a new drug company created to address the need for medications that are in short supply regionally and nationally.  The initial focus will be on sterile-to-sterile compounding of injectables and intravenous fluids needed by hospitals, surgery centers and clinics.  The founding team anticipates continued growth into manufacturing of medications such as insulin in the future.  The OurPharma founders have an extensive background in hospital and healthcare administration, giving them firsthand knowledge of the difficulties caused by drug shortages and the effects on patients.


Peter O. Kohler, MD
President & CEO
Dr. Peter O. Kohler is a retired academic executive with substantial business experience. As President of the Oregon Health & Sciences University ("OHSU") for 18 years, he was responsible for leading the complex network of healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics and schools. There were over 13,000 employees with an annual operating budget of over $1.2 billion when he retired in 2006.  He also served on multiple Boards, including the Portland branch of the Federal Reserve Board.  He has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout his career, and has written and published a lengthy list of books, research papers and other literature.  After returning to Arkansas, he served as the Vice Chancellor of the regional campus of UAMS in Northwest Arkansas for 10 years.  In 2017, his accomplishments at OHSU were the subject of a newly published book, Transformed, by William Graves.
Ramona L. McLean, PharmD
Ramona McLean, PharmD came to OurPharma after serving as the Director of Pharmacy at Washington Regional Medical System for many years.  She graduated from the UAMS College of Pharmacy, and trained at Emory University prior to relocating to Northwest Arkansas in 1981. She has extensive experience in compounding sterile medications, and is very highly regarded by her peers. Ramona served as Arkansas Chairwoman of the Arkansas-Oklahoma VHA Pharmacy Purchasing Group. Thereafter, the same group became a legal purchasing coalition and she served as Chairwoman of the AROK Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition. In 2002, she was named the Health System Pharmacist of the Year by the Arkansas Society of Health Systems Pharmacists.
Adam Kohler, CPA (Inactive) has been the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of WELSCO, Inc. for 10 years.  He spent the first 8 years of his career as a CPA in public practice in Little Rock, AR at L. Cotton Thomas & Company, where he focused on audit and tax.  Then, in 1998, he became the VP - Financial Operations for Arkansas Children's Hospital (ACH), where, among other duties, he was responsible for developing and reporting on the organization's $500+ million budget.  He spent 9 years at ACH before leaving for WELSCO, Inc. in 2007.  In 2009, he was given the first-ever CFO of the Year award by Arkansas Business in the Small Business Category.  During his leadership, WELSCO, Inc. has twice been named (2016 & 2017) as one of the Best Places to Work in Arkansas by Arkansas Business and Best Places.
Brooke Erwin, BS in Business Administration, came to OurPharma from Washington Regional Medical Center where she served for 22 years in the Accounting Department. She began as the Payroll Manager where she took them through a major software change made necessary by the rollover to 2000 from 1999.  From there, she continued to move up as the Cost Accountant, Clinic Financial Analyst, and finally to Financial Analyst where she assisted the management team in monitoring profitability of healthcare lines.